Buns N Roses- The Beginning

Buns N Roses, an incredible girl band was born out of a young child’s dream and passion. The all-girl band has since become an international sensation. This young girl with a brave heart who dared to dream and worked hard to make her dream come true is none other than Izzy Rose! Her fans says she’s mesmerizing, some people call her amazing but everyone agrees that she's all that and more! The band isn't only known for the wonderful music they make, they are also known for the astonishing buns they rock!

Izzy is a beautiful six-year-old with an charming smile and lovely buns in her hair. She loves to play the piano and she also loves creating music. She is smart, kindhearted and friendly. She loves traveling, meeting new people and making friends. But she isn’t just any six-year-old girl! Izzy is the leader of the electrifying girl band known as Buns N Roses.

Her hair is always styled in lovely buns and that is all thanks to her dad. As a single parent, her dad, now known as The Hair Dad, couldn't even make a ponytail in her hair. Determined to give his daughter a good look, he asked a student to teach him. Having learned the basics, he went home and practiced with Izzy's hair until he became much better. Today he has inspired a lot of dads to make and style their daughter’s hair.  He also teaches dads who are interested how to style hair.

Having her father’s creativity and her love for music led to the formation of the Buns N Roses girl band. It’s little wonder that all five members of the Buns N Roses band have their hair in beautiful buns. The band has fans across the globe and their female fans love to wear buns too.


 As the leader of the band, Izzy is the lead singer and she plays the piano too. Growing up with an amazing dad who styles her hair, it is no wonder that the six-year-old is very creative and she also has a charming personality. She loves pop music and dance music. She is also extremely smart as she would often spend her free time reading, counting or spelling new words. Izzy's favorite singer is Halsey. She loves to hear from her fans so don't hesitate to send her a message if you are a fan!

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